Teaching & outreach


Supervisor of 7 M. Sc. and B. Sc. projects:

  • Samy Ben Hamoudi, Transport mechanism in confined bubbles. 4 months.
  • Guillaume Russo, Salt invasion: evaporation-driven spreading of brine drops. 4 months.
  • Sourim Banerjee, Dynamics of confined bubbles: Marangoni versus gravity. 2 months.
  • Taha Laroussi, Role of viscosity in the Leidenfrost effect. 1 month.
  • Rubén Montecinos, Encapsulation of liquid cells and biological objects with monolayer graphene. 6 months.
  • Oscar Saavedra Villanueva, Friction mobilization in confined granular rafts. 12 months.
  • Ismael Lanas Soza, Microdroplet formation and deposition on flexible membranes. 3 months.


Teaching assistant at Université Pierre et Marie Curie for fluid and solid mechanics classes:

  • Preparation for French engineering schools (71h).
  • Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Paris (30h).
  • Practical course at Orsay University (60h).
  • Higher-level sports program at UPMC (32h).


  • Advisor for 17 high school and university projects on spider silk, accessible here.
    TPE Docteur Spiderman_Laurane March_snapshot
  • Leader of the activity “Fluids in our everyday lives” at EPFL Open Doors days 2018.
  • Finalist for the science popularization prize Le Monde de la Recherche Universitaire 2016.
  • Scientific expert interviewed by “On n’est pas que des cobayes”, a popular science program, on the mechanical properties of spider silk broadcasted by the french national TV channel France 5 on 14th December 2012 (see video below).
  • Scientific expert interviewed for the documentary series on bio-inspiration in scientific research “Nature=Future!“. Featured in Le Monde (find me in the video below at 2:35).
  • Scientific expert for E=M6, a popular science program broadcasted by the french national TV channel M6.
  • Scientific expert for the Washington Post.